Down and Dirty: Why You Should Have Your Car Cleaned

car cleaning

Did you know that there are at least 700 types of germs and bacteria in your car? Which area of the car do you think is the capital of nasty things? Join us as we dissect the colonies of bacteria that live in your vehicle.

The Danger of Bacteria and Viruses

Don’t get it wrong; people’s bodies need and thrive with good bacteria, so not all of them are dangerous. But you don’t want to mess with the rest of them. They can quickly get you sick, and when you do, the chances are that you’ll pass whatever you have to the next person around you.

This why you need to develop healthy habits that prioritize hygiene and safety. For example, you want to wash your hands regularly. These are the parts of your body that quickly come in contact with contaminated surfaces and items. Protect yourself and others by periodically disinfecting your hands. You can even use rubbing alcohol.

You don’t want bacteria, not because they are all bad. You don’t want SOME bacteria because they can cause you to get ill. Take the common cold, for example. It’s so easy to get, and it’s so easy to pass on.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to deal with. When you get the common cold, you feel lethargic. You get fever and body pains. The worst part about it is that you get a stuffy nose and probably not get good sleep for days.

The worst part about it is that it prevents you from doing your responsibilities. For example, you may have to skip school or day a day off from school. You could lose once-in-a-lifetime opportunities just because you got sick. Do you know some of the dirtiest places you frequently go to? Your car a cesspool of bacteria.

Your Car’s Dirtiest Spot

cleaning the car

This is the dirtiest part of the car. Do you know why? It’s because of the very same germs and viruses you carry around your hands. The difference is that you can always wash your hands or apply alcohol, but do you do the same thing to your stereo? That’s right, the most dangerous part of your car is your stereo. It’s worse than a toilet seat.

This is why you need to be mindful and disinfect your stereo regularly. Don’t settle for a simple wipe. Use antibacterial solutions to wipe the surface at least twice a day. Watch out for the steering wheel, too. You do not want to see how much bacteria and viruses love to hang out in the rotation.

Fighting germs and viruses is just one of the reasons why you need to clean your car. Regularly disinfecting it will keep you and your passengers healthy. In addition, it’s going to improve the way your vehicle looks and the way it smells. This adds comfort and a better driving and riding experience.

Regularly cleaning your car will prevent and remove stains and grime. Imagine a cup of coffee falling onto the floor of the vehicle. Not only is it going to stain the mats, but it’s also going to stink eventually. Mind you, removing stains is not an easy job. If you want to restore the stately appearance of your mats and what’s underneath them, you might have to invest in the detailing services of a good auto shop.

It’s an option that will deliver good results because it’s like a deep cleanse for your car. It can even restore or improve its value by restoring many components in the vehicle, especially the seats and the carpet. The best part and benefit about it is that it enhances safety.

In addition, cleaning your car regularly is a sign that you are responsible and value hygiene. These are hallmarks of an organized individual who can focus and concentrate because the surrounding is nice and clean. On the other hand, the ugly and dirty state of your car also tells so much about your personality and priorities.

Don’t forget that a well-maintained car keeps its value better than neglected ones. It doesn’t help that a vehicle is a depreciating asset. You’ll be hard-pressed to sell your vehicle at a higher price than what you initially paid for it—unless it’s a collectible.

Regularly cleaning the inside of your car will let you examine its state as well. It’s a perfect chance to examine which components need repair or replacement. For example, car seat covers wear out over time. Cleaning your car lets you preserve its quality. Otherwise, you’ll end up replacing it more than necessary.

You’ll be horrified if you knew exactly how many bacteria and viruses live in your car. This is why you clean it regularly, and in some cases, give it a deep cleanse. So make the right choices and clean your car.

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