Waiting Isn’t Worth It: Things Single Women Can Do Even Before Marriage

entrepreneur in her office

Women empowerment runs rampant in films, books, advertisements and songs. These, along with the people who inspire them, defined the modern woman. Embodying this concept does not mean taking part in any political office or radical action.

It is leaving convention behind and forgetting what people say you cannot do because of your gender. This also means you do not have to wait for marriage to make life-changing decisions.

Acquiring Assets

With women now able to generate huge incomes, it is only reasonable to want to acquire assets. One of the most popular options is property investment. You may have considered this before, but hesitated. Houses still feel like a privilege reserved for couples and families, and it is awkward to live in one all by yourself.

The past years have experienced a shift in homeownership across the globe. Mortgage data show that single women are now outpacing men in buying property. Research indicates that a difference in perspective about the future plays a role in this fluctuation.

Men are willing to wait until they have a stable relationship, while women are using their wealth to gain security through housing. The next time you visit Western suburbs in Melbourne and feel the itch to check out houses there, remember that you are not the first one to do it.

Agents are used by now to seeing millennial women looking up house and land packages here in the Western Suburbs in Melbourne. Make a trip of it and enjoy the fruit of your hard work.

Starting a Business

Running your own business is daunting, whether you are doing it with your husband or not. If you are decided on doing this alone or partnering with another professional, do not let anything hold you back. Success in this area depends on the people involved and being husband and wife does not increase your chances of outdoing others.

Couples who venture into business together have experienced additional stress in their relationships. Some have even suffered from failed marriages because of this. What you really need is a good plan and a thick skin to begin. It does not matter if you are aiming to build a software company or a Pilates studio.

Businesses fall through hard times, and support is not restricted to one relationship. You have your friends and family to turn to for the ups and downs of this rollercoaster ride. Besides, if and when you decide to get married, your family benefits from two incomes.

This can improve your quality of living, open more opportunities for your children, and provide better security.

Travelling the World

female traveller holding a map

With the exception of select locations,¬†travelling by yourself can be a delightful treat. Sure, it’s scary, and people’s initial reaction to this news might give you doubts, but solo travel has plenty of benefits.

It is a healthy alternative for a confidence boost in this technology-driven world.

You do not have to get that emotional lift from the photos you will post afterwards. The very act of booking a trip for yourself triggers a mental high. The journey itself is filled with opportunities to talk to strangers, commit mishaps, and try new things.

It is through the happy and embarrassing moments of solo travel that you get to know yourself better.

Going through life the same way everybody does is detrimental to your own happiness. It might not be easy breaking free from people’s expectations, but these are decisions you have to make for yourself, without letting marriage hold you back.

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