House Curiosity: What is a Panic Room?

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Your home should be the safest place in the world. But what happens when it comes under attack from intruders? That is a question many do not wish to answer but are well aware of its possibility. It pays to be vigilant and watch for anything suspicious that is happening around your property. You also have the usual security measures that you can put in place such as alarms and barriers to entry. Then there is one unusual measure that you can have added into your house, and that is the panic room.

What is a Panic Room?

A panic room is basically a hidden area in the house designed to be the place where you run to in the case of a security breach. On the moment that you realize that you have become a prey that is being hunted, you can retreat to this room so you can hide from the intruder and gather your wits. You can wait out until the situation gets better. But if things look like they will get stretched out, you should have enough resources available here in case you are forced to stay longer.

Keeping a Secret

The mystique surrounding a panic room stems from how no one knows about it, save for the homeowner. The other person who knows this is someone who worked closely on the house’s construction, and that could be your contractor or engineer. You can have the room built using commercial concrete and its walls impenetrable, but all of that will lose purpose if someone else is on the secret.

This is why as early as the planning stage, you have to think about how willing you are in sharing such sensitive information. If you cannot handle that, then you have no choice but to construct it yourself.

Consumables and Utilities

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Not only is the panic room your haven when you get invaded by unwanted persons, but it can also be your own survival bunker. There should be enough space for you to keep items like canned goods and toiletries that will last you several days or even weeks. Other than that, this should be treated as a separate area from the house. This means that it must be served with its own utilities. There should be dedicated pipelines for its plumbing system and also a direct electrical connection for power. It should also have its own telephone line so you can call the authorities to report a crime.

Do You Need a Panic Room?

Should every homeowner have a panic room? It is an interesting proposition because not only will that protect you from people attempting to break into your house, it can also serve as your entry-level doomsday bunker. It is more suited for prominent people whose houses have large floor areas. Monitoring something that big can be a daunting task.

You would not be able to cover much ground with the amount of visual that you can gather, and the size of the house could be detrimental should the intruders decide on teaming up against you. So if ever you get into a bad situation, you can just drop everything and make a beeline for the panic room.

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