The Most Lucrative Airline Companies in Europe to Partner With

airplane in the sky

The airline industry is one of the most profitable on the market globally, boasting an annual revenue of over $800 billion, and you can expect more growth due to the steady increase of air travelers worldwide. So if you’re considering expanding your business, why not partner with or invest in an airline company?

It’s wise to choose airline companies that are reputable, well-known, and lucrative to achieve lasting growth. Europe is one of the best contenders in the airline industry, with the niche supporting over $823 billion in European economic activity.

There are hundreds of service providers and suppliers needed by these massive airline companies. Because of the size and expanse of their operations, they will need a myriad of products and services such as hydraulic hose business offering repair and replacement services, caterers, carpet and upholstery suppliers, linen, and dining ware manufacturers, and so on.

If you’re into stocks, investing in these publicly-listed companies can help you become one step closer to substantial growth.


Ryanair markets itself as one of the best European airlines with the lowest fares, and it’s the most profitable and fast-growing names in the airline industry. It’s been in operations since 1984 and headquartered at Swords, Dublin. The airline company made over $1 billion last year and transported over 152 million passengers so far, which is more than British Airways and Aer Lingus combined.

The airline company practices outsourcing to maintain its low fare rates, making Ryanair a great partner for aspiring pilots, entrepreneurs, and other employee groups. Ryanair has profit margins of more than 10% after-tax of operating revenue, making them one of Europe’s most profitable airline companies.


Lufthansa is Europe’s largest high-end airline and has been a favorite among travelers for years. The 5-star airline company has carried over 145 million passengers ever since its first flight in 1953. Lufthansa’s annual revenue has doubled in the last couple of years, with just over $20 billion in revenue in 2004 to more than $40 billion last year.

Lufthansa outsources some of its services, but they mostly hire full-time employees. You can always invest in their stocks, with experts saying it has potential and maybe a good pick for value investors.

Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines or ‘Swiss’ is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, and is currently one of the most profitable in the Lufthansa corporation. It’s well-known for its friendly service and complimentary Swiss chocolate. The airline company is relatively new, with its first flight taking off in 2002, but it has carried over 19 million passengers since then.

Swiss achieved an annual revenue before interest and taxes of over $6 billion last year. You can invest in its stocks under the Lufthansa Group, but they’re relatively new to the industry, so it’s best to invest responsibly.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is a classic favorite among economy fliers, even winning the awards of the Best Airline Staff Service in Europe for two consecutive years. It’s well-known for the abundance of onboard dining and entertainment, despite being an economy airline. It has transported over millions of passengers, boasting an operating profit of $97 million in 2018.

Like with Swiss, it’s also a Lufthansa Group subsidiary, making it a profitable stock option.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

airplane taking off

KLM Airlines has been flying since 1919 and has transported over 35 million passengers since its first flight. Regarding its profitability, although it has experienced fluctuating figures in 2017, it generated a profit of over $580 million in 2019, making it a lucrative airline company. You can invest in KLM stocks to earn alongside the airline company.

European airline companies are known to provide world-class services and maintain their planes well, making them fantastic choices for lucrative growth.

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