A Complete Boat Party Checklist for the Best Night of Your Life

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Parties are held to mark special events, and they require detailed planning to be unforgettable. From making a guest list to choosing a theme, planning the ultimate party can make us pedantic and indecisive. We can choose from various party ideas and venues; we can choose to celebrate at home, in a hotel, or somewhere unusual, such as a boat or yacht.

If you decide to throw a boat party, you have to make a lot of preparation. For this reason, you need to gather all the essentials to throw a boat party. Having one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you don’t want it to fail. Therefore, preparing is a crucial part of this.

Throwing a Boat Party

Don’t make your boat party a source of jokes for the years to come. Make sure to have the following in place beforehand:

  1. Budget. Throwing a party requires money to finance the expenses. You need to secure a budget more than what you expect the total costs will be. Moreover, you have to be realistic with your budget. Don’t spend too much outside what you can pay. You don’t want to have yourself paying debts after a short period of pleasure.
  2. Theme. It is best to select the theme for the party. Decors are necessary to make it look dynamic. You can use online search engines to find some ideas. Furthermore, it is best to have someone to help in picking the theme. You can work with a professional or someone you know is good at this.
  3. Guest list. Prepare a list of the people you want to be there. Make sure that they’ll make it to the party so it will not waste your money. Another crucial thing for your listing is to check the capacity of the boat. You have to know how many persons it can carry.
  4. Invites. You can start sending invites as early as a month before the party’s date. It is best to confirm each guest through their social media accounts or phone numbers. Besides, your guests may have plans as well.
  5. Itinerary. It is best to have an itinerary for your party. This way, your guests will know how the party will go. It will include the details of your party, such as the time of start, presentation, the main event, etc. Furthermore, it will help the party to have a smooth flow.
  6. Foods and drinks. It is better to choose finger foods at this party. Additionally, it will be wiser to pick a caterer that can provide waiters and bartenders. They can give your guests foods and drinks as you mingle as well.
  7. Boat rental. Hunting a boat for the party may also take time. You can book boat rentals on sites like charterboatsydney.com.au. Moreover, you need to book in advance to know if there is an available boat that you can rent on your party’s date.
  8. Plan your layout. You have to create a layout for the foods and drinks station, dancing, and seating. There should be a good flow of traffic on the boat. Additionally, a good layout can help you achieve a classy party instead of a clamped one.
  9. First aid kit. Make sure to have a first aid kit near you. An extra will be best as well. These safety kits can assist you if a guest comes across with health issues or allergies.

The items mentioned above are essential. You have to secure each of them to ensure success for your boat party. Above all of these, you need to get a hold of your guests’ safety. Everyone onboard must be safe at all costs.

As much as you want to give them the pleasure to enjoy, safety is your utmost priority. You must have emergency and safety supplies at hand. In addition to first aid kits, you also have to secure life jackets and other floating devices. Emergency whistles are also helpful to alert your guests.


People have a lot of reasons to celebrate. A party with loved ones and friends can make it more worthwhile. In this case, planning the event is essential. Nobody wants to have a failed party to talk about in the end.

Big or small, you can celebrate. You only have to do it within your range. Do not exceed your limits, especially your budget. The party you will throw can only last for hours. You still have a long way ahead of you.

You don’t want to end up with empty pockets. Furthermore, do not act as a one-day millionaire. Throw a party only if you can and if you have enough resources. If you don’t, celebrations can still wait.


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