Creating Communities: How Real Estate Companies Can Build Better Communities

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Our world is built by various small communities, each inhabiting peaceful co-existence. But there are many more people who haven’t found a place to live yet. So it is up to real estate companies to create residential homes that aren’t only safe and fun and exciting to live in. This is where community building finds its purpose.

When we talk about community building, a couple of things come to mind. First is safety, if it hasn’t been implemented yet. Second, are community-enrichment programs. Programs that are stimulating and interests a lot of people to participate in. Last is sustainability: how to afford programs without using too much revenue and let the community function without stockholder involvement. Let’s start with safety.


The safety of a neighbourhood will determine how your community will fare tomorrow. Real estate developers tend to put a lot of emphasis on safety, and if you’re planning to develop a residential area, you should too.

The main benefit of safety in a community is that more people will purchase a home. So it will essentially drive sales. In addition to this, it’s good marketing, especially that nowadays people seek safe refuge more than anything else. So how can your company build a safe neighborhood?

Invest in the Neighbourhood Watch

Homeowners in your area would likely set up their own neighbourhood watch to ensure that their homes are safe from crime. Neighbourhood watch has been known to decrease existing and potential crime within a neighbourhood without resorting to force multipliers like guns and violence.

Investing in the neighbourhood watch means adding more funds into their existing budget and holding more seminars that will help people join the watch. In addition, the more people there are on the watch, the less likely there will be crimes in your neighbourhood.

Invest in Smart Systems

Smart systems can help identify who are the potential threats to your community. It can also monitor street activity in a less intrusive way. The best part of your company investing in smart systems is that they don’t need that much supervision. Essentially, smart systems are expensive at first but become much cheaper because you don’t need to pay employees like security guards to keep on watch.

For many companies in real estate, safety plays a big role in their first year’s goal. Real estate developers behind successful and family-friendly residential communities such as Manor Lakes put safety above all when it comes to their neighbourhoods. This is why their company has grown to its size now and growing even larger every day. As stated earlier, there are many benefits in a safe neighbourhood without spending too much on it.

Community Programs

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Community programs are the best way to bring a community together. You should have one every month. For example, think of various holidays every month, and work into integrating some programs within them. You can also consider outreach programs that help the poor and the needy.

Monthly Programs

To plan out monthly programs, think of certain holidays that fit that particular month. For example, in July, there’s the fourth of July holiday. Think of a program that would fit that holiday—a community barbecue perhaps, or a fireworks display.

People love celebrating holidays together, so take advantage of that.

Outreach Programs

Outreach programs will give your company a chance to partner with NGOs. One of the greatest NGOs you can partner with is Feeding America. It has about two million volunteers and growing, and we’re sure that your community would like to work with them as well.

Outreach programs are fun activities filled with purpose. It will surely grab many people’s attention, especially if they don’t have much to do during the weekends.


Lastly, you must give your neighbourhood the ability to sustain itself because your company will eventually move into other projects in the future. You can do this by electing board members for the neighbourhood and collecting monthly fees.

Electing Board Members

Board members can take charge the moment your company decides to move into other projects in the future. They will be the community heads that will determine future programs and activities that the community can participate in. Moreover, since the community elects them, they have the capability of bringing people closer than ever.

Collection of Monthly Fees

Before your company leaves behind the community, you must start to standardize monthly fees. You should offer to pay the utility bills for them, with an added service charge. This way, your community doesn’t have to go to their respective water and electricity companies anymore. The future board members can determine what else they should add to the overall feel of the community in the future.

Here are some ways your company can build a community that will last for a lifetime. Community-building can drive sales and revenue, and it’s up to your company to start it. Eventually, it will sustain itself and grow while you move into more profitable ventures in the future.

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