Beautiful Backyard: Utilizing the Right Landscaping Designs


As your family grows, you’ll want to ensure everyone has their own space but can come together as a family. Smaller neighbourhoods that focus on meaningful interaction are also becoming the preferred choice when looking for family homes. Ashbury Armstrong Creek is an example of a developer who emphasises that the land your home will be built on is as essential as the house itself. They know people value fresh air and want land that can serve the dual purpose of being home and connecting to nature.

But knowing that you want a great backyard and describing to your architect what you want is different. You might have an image in your mind or know how you should feel in the space. But how do you describe such nebulous concepts to people?

The first step is to experience many outdoor spaces. Next, sit down with your family and hear their ideas about their dream homes. Combine these ideas into a cohesive design plan that you and your spouse agree on. Backyards are often extensions of the house.

Knowing what your house should look like can help you to better plan what form your backyard should take. Going to friends’ houses to see their gardens and looking through Pinterest pictures of people’s backyards can help to narrow your focus. You can find decorative motifs you want for the backyard. Here are other ideas to explore:

Build a Shed

Build (or buy) a luxury shed that you can use as a man cave. If you’re okay with sharing, your spouse can also use the shed whenever it is available to take a break from the kids or as a place to indulge in their hobbies quietly.

This luxury shed can be outfitted with comfy seating, heating or cooking, a mini-fridge stocked with candy and wine, and most importantly, a lock. It will be your home away from home within your home. Being a parent is rewarding, but it can be exhausting. The shed gives you and your spouse space to get away, rest, reconnect, and return to your children in a much calmer frame of mind.

Break It Up

There is no rule that says that your backyard must be dedicated to one piece of an outdoor feature. Break up the space into different areas for different types of activities. Build a deck onto the back of the house so you can grill and have nice seating for a chill time.   Plant hedges to delineate the rest of your backyard into two areas. Put a swimming pool on one side, with a nice border, a slide, and some shaded chairs.

The opposite side can be worked into a garden area where you can teach your kids to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables. You can have it paved and turned into an outdoor dining pavilion and lounge area if you prefer.

pool house

Add a Pool House

If you have the space, put in a large and attractive pool with all the extras. A diving board, hot tub, fountains, and more. Build a pool house on the opposite side of your home and turn it into an outdoor entertainment area. Put in coolers for your drinks, snacks, and ice cream. Install speakers for good quality sound and a retractable screen onto which you can project TV or videos.

This pool house will be your one-stop area for the best parties ever. In the cooler months, you can close the doors and windows and still have a space away from the main house where you can have friends over and enjoy yourselves without worrying about waking the children.

Construct a Greenhouse

Some people want an area where they can get away from a hectic life. If this sounds like you, you might prefer a greenhouse in your backyard. Floor-to-ceiling glass on a wooden frame can leave you with an attractive place that houses plants and flowers. If you want it more stylish, find someone who can build a steel and glass greenhouse that blends a vintage look with modern gardening aids.

Consider keeping the centre of your greenhouse free of plants. This way you can put in some comfortable chairs and a small table for the family to relax and spend time together. The greenhouse will keep everyone warm in winter, surrounded by the aroma of rich soil and blooming plants as the outside frost decorates the glass panes.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is environmentally friendly. This will ensure that whatever you put in your backyard will not become dated and cause your family to live in harmony with your surroundings. An example is using local flora for your prominent features. They won’t require as much care and watering as foreign plants would, so you can save time, money, and resources.

With the right ideas, you can improve the landscaping and make your home more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Know what is best, not just for your property but also for your family. This can make the best out of your goal.

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