2022 Outdoor Living Trends for Your Dream Home

a nice outdoor space

One of the biggest home trends that the pandemic spurred was the outdoor living area. When families were cooped up at home when the pandemic was at its peak, and everyone wanted to protect themselves and each other, an outdoor living area was the saving grace for many people who have never been used to staying home 24/7.

Even if restrictions have eased up and many can spend more time outdoors now, families will still benefit greatly from having a comfortable and well-designed outdoor living area. Here are some design trends every homeowner needs to know.

Non-traditional doors

The most common material used for extending the indoor and outdoor spaces is glass, and it’s understandable—it’s the best way to create the illusion that there is no clear partition between the two areas. However, the trend will now lean toward unexpected doors, like a repaired garage door that has been repurposed. Homeowners can still use glass, but using a garage door will add an industrial or more rugged feel to the outdoor living area, as opposed to using the typical glass sliding door. Of course, this might be a considerable project that’s way beyond your expertise. In any case, you’ll be in a better professional if you get garage door repair and fabrication experts to do this job for you.


Another trend that has been gaining traction in the past few years but will continue to be in many designers’ and homeowners’ minds is sustainability. The world is in a climate emergency, and being more environmentally responsible in our lifestyle and design choices will be a the forefront of people’s minds, both corporately and individually. It follows that this lifestyle choice will also be on-trend where outdoor living areas are concerned.

Here are some ways that sustainability will play a key part in the style trends for outdoor living spaces:

  • More designers and studios will come up with outdoor furniture made of recycled materials like plastic.
  • Natural materials like reclaimed wood and bamboo will continue to be in demand and widely available.
  • Environmentally friendly decor like handcrafted hardwood furniture, natural dyes, and other organic materials will also be all the rage in the market this 2022.

When planning your outdoor living space, make sure to choose materials and pieces that were ethically sourced, reclaimed, and recycled. It will be a wonderful conversation starter between you and your guests, and it will feel good knowing that a piece that was supposed to be in a landfill somehow found a new purpose in your home.

Gardening tools on a wooden surface

Cool, relaxing color palettes

If there is one common denominator between the colors of the year chosen by the world’s major paint companies, it’s this: They are all soft, earthy, and relaxing. One thing is for sure: Design studios know that homeowners still see their homes as sacred and safe spaces from the stresses and pains of the world, and their design choices would be influenced by that view.

The trends for outdoor living spaces are no different. The trends are pointing to color palettes that give a sense of renewal and tranquility, so if you are choosing your main, secondary, and accent colors, make sure they are calming to the eyes and bring a sense of healing and freshness to people spending time in the space.

Controlling the climate outdoors

Since we live in a time when seasons don’t mean much anymore, and temperatures are much less easy to predict, our outdoor living spaces need to be areas that can remain comfortable no matter the current climate or temperature. This means having something like overhead heating lamps or a fire pit table for when it’s cold and installing ceiling fans for the part of our porch that’s covered. For the energy-efficient homeowner, outdoor evaporative coolers are also a good alternative.

Vibrant greenery

Another trend that was exacerbated by the pandemic is caring for indoor plants and gardening. And it’s a trend that many needs to continue to embrace. After all, caring for plants is good for your mental health and can do wonders for your general well-being. Moreover, it’s a simple way to add vibrancy and breathe life into our outdoor living space. Opt for potted plants that thrive best in warm conditions, and especially ones that need constant sunlight.

Consider having a vertical garden as well—they are a simple way to liven up an otherwise boring wall or a bland space.

Having an outdoor living space is good for our health, especially at a time when staying home is good for us. It can also do wonders for our connection with our family members since we have a space where we can talk and spend quality time together. Check these trends and see how you can incorporate them into your own deck or porch this 2022.

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