Working with Nature: Taking Care of Your Commercial Property’s Plants

Woman with plants at home

A garden or lawn can contribute greatly to people’s first impression of a property. It can make your commercial building more beautiful, especially if the landscaping goes well with the structure’s design. For people who are into real estate, gardens are also one way of adding to a property’s value based on how well it’s maintained. But if you’re the kind of owner who just wants to make your building beautiful by adding an assortment of vegetation, then you should realize that they need the proper care and attention. After all, they’re also living beings.

Balance of Light and Shade

During science class, we were all taught that plants mostly rely on sunlight to be able to live. But too much of something can be dangerous, especially for plants that are susceptible to overexposure. Those that have a large requirement need to be placed where there’s an ample amount of sunlight during most of the day.

Some plants need only partial sunlight—at least two to three hours of exposure—so it’s best that they stay within near the building or other structures that can shield them during midday. Considering sunlight exposure while trying to maintain an appealing layout can be tricky. You might want to contact commercial landscaping services in Ogden to do it for you.

Right Amount of Water

Watering your plants at the right time and amount is necessary to keep them alive and well. Just like with sunlight, you can’t give too much or too little of it. Over-watering your plants can drown them and make the roots rot, leading to their untimely demise. Providing too little, especially with trees, will make your lawn dry and ugly in no time.

Fortunately, you can conduct research online about how much water certain plants need to survive. Also, it would be best to do watering during early mornings when the sun isn’t at it’s full strength. The heat can dry up the soil easily and take away the water that the plant is supposed to absorb. Make sure that your irrigation system is set up in such a way that it will provide adequate moisture for your greenery.


Sunlight and water may be essential, but there are also nutrients that plants need to become healthy. Soil that’s deprived of these nutrients and minerals wouldn’t be able to sustain the plants you put in them. Fertilization is important if you want your plants to prosper and grow beautifully. This is essential if your establishment has space for gardening as well.

A healthy vegetable garden starts from the soil. The ground in which you’d plant the seeds should be healthy enough to sustain quality plants and bear fruit. Consider these like the vitamins you would provide for your human body to stay healthy and strong.

Natural Pesticides

Spraying pesticide

One of the worst enemies of people who like gardens, may it be at home or in a commercial area, is pests. They may be insects, wild animals, or even other humans who want to screw around. While the latter could be reprimanded in the most diplomatic of ways, the first two need to be dealt with more harshly. Pesticides are widely available at any hardware or gardening stores, though not all of them are organic. Choose those that are safe for both humans and plants to avoid harmful effects.

Plants, just like humans, have been in a harmonic existence for tens of thousands of years. We may have done activities that harmed nature, but we also need to be aware that without its gifts to humanity, we’ll all be extinct. Trees, shrubs, and vegetation are an important part of our lives, so they also deserve to be cared for beyond simple decoration. It’s like taking care of another living thing such as a human or an animal. They’re just less noisy and annoying, but they are sure to be a reason you are able to breathe.

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