Will the Iconic Corner Shop Save the Retail Industry During the Pandemic?

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Have you ever run out of a particular product at home but don’t want to travel a few kilometers just to resupply? Most people don’t necessarily have to go to large establishments when there are 24/7 convenience stores they can get to in a few minutes.

We don’t necessarily pay attention to these stores for most of our lives; we just grab something and go our way with our day. But you can never go wrong with a convenience store right around the corner if you’re looking for a quick bite, looking for a place to hang out, or wanting to get a drink while you roam around town.

With the current state of the world, needing to go to a large establishment, especially one that is far from your general area, is nearly bordering towards impossible, especially with strict rules being implemented by authorities. So where should be shopping? Of course, our local convenience store that’s just right around the corner is an oasis in an ever-encroaching desert.

Indeed, your usual corner shop is an unsung hero that has been serving the general populace for the majority of the pandemic. Simultaneously, most large establishments need to close when lockdowns limit where people can and cannot go to.

What Makes 24/7 Convenience Stores Stay?

But what makes most of these small businesses stay afloat in the face of a pandemic?

For the most part, convenience stores and shops just right around the corner are small enough that rapid changes can be easily made by the management. This contrasts with most large establishments that have to face rigid bureaucracy when making radical changes in a store’s policies. In the first weeks of the pandemic, huge stores needed to make drastic changes, especially when social distancing needed to be imposed. But convenience stores adapted to these changes very quickly and have continued to stay open.

Although most 24/7 convenience stores have to limit their operations to a specific time period because of strict curfews being imposed by governments, most individuals have relied on these stores for sustenance and essential items.

It’s also important to note that most convenience stores are selling pre-packaged goods that don’t necessarily take much to cook and prepare. This makes it an excellent venue for any resident that needs food that can be easily stored or eaten when needed. Food with high shelf life means that it’s easier to store food without having to frequently go out.

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The steady rise of COVID-19 cases has also ramped up more developments that can effectively cater to individuals’ needs. Many convenience stores have been experimenting with different ways of providing services to clients. The steady usage of innovative forms of technology has led to more foot traffic into these corner shops.

If you’re planning on setting up your convenient store, you might want to invest in storage; especially those that will lengthen the lifespan of frozen goods and beverages. High-quality and state-of-the-art commercial-class alpha glass doors are a great way of refrigerating goods without having to spend too much on maintenance. This is also a great way of maintaining low temperatures to preserve most of your inventory.

How Have They Helped The Retail Industry Throughout The Pandemic?

In the face of a global-spanning crisis, most industries, especially those that involve tourism and travel, have been facing a steady plummet in sales as most people are only staying at home. The retail industry has also taken a hit in terms of sales.

As most of us know, most lockdowns are being imposed at a local level, which can restrict residents’ movement. Since most residential areas don’t have any commercial establishments other than convenience stores and small-scale retailers, it’s easier for these stores to funnel in foot traffic without worrying about larger competitors.

In addition to having a constant flow of customers, most convenience stores are still open, with business owners in countries like the United States saying that 98% of stores are still functional within the same business hours.

All-in-all, your average convenience store that’s right around the corner might not seem like the “frontline” of the current pandemic, but they are one of the unsung heroes. For most families and individuals that don’t have access to essential goods and items from larger establishments, convenience stores are lifesavers in the face of uncertainty.

The 24/7 corner store has helped the retail industry through this crisis. Overall, almost every industry worldwide has taken a hit in sales because of the public health crisis. Still, convenience stores have helped much of the local and global economy jumpstart its economy back up.

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