Simplifying Your Commutes for Easy Travel using SMRT App

Foreigners using SMRT App in Singapore
  • The SMRT App provides real-time updates and timetables for train departure/arrival times, making navigating Singapore’s congested public transportation system easier.
  • It features a fare calculator and journey planner that help users save time, energy, and money when commuting.
  • The ‘Save a Route’ option allows travelers to access their regular routes quickly.
  • Train frequency indicators help users avoid long wait times while traveling.
  • The app also integrates a store locator feature and loyalty programs offering frequent commuters discounts and rewards.

Commuting in a foreign country like Singapore can be challenging for a foreigner settling in for business. With the influx of ex-pats and tourists, overcrowded trains, buses, and roads have pushed the transportation system to its limits. According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore had a total network length of 1,106 kilometers of metro rail services and 4,575 kilometers of public bus routes in 2020 alone – making it one of the busiest transport networks in Asia.

Given the congested state of public transportation, commuters must often endure long wait times before boarding a train or bus. This problem is further exacerbated by rush hour traffic which slows down commutes significantly. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2019-2020, Singapore was ranked 81st out of 140 countries in terms of traffic congestion – far lower than countries such as Denmark and Norway, which topped the list.

Fortunately, the Singaporean government has addressed these issues by introducing innovative solutions like the SMRT App. Here are a few ways the app can help foreign business owners, and tourists simplify their commutes.

Real-Time Updates

Getting traffic updates in Singapore

Real-time updates offered by the SMRT App can prove invaluable for foreign business owners navigating Singapore’s public transportation system. The app notifies users of delays, closures, and service disruptions that could impact their journey, allowing them to plan alternative routes and make more informed decisions. Additionally, through the app, users can access an up-to-date timetable of train arrival and departure times for all lines on the network and real-time locations at any given station. This feature is handy when attempting to avoid peak rush hour traffic or find information on alternate routes if trains are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The SMRT App also offers a wealth of other features, such as the following:

Fare Calculator

The fare calculator helps users calculate the cost of their journey before they travel, allowing them to plan and budget accordingly. This feature benefits ex-pats or tourists unfamiliar with Singapore’s fare structure and can help avoid costly surprises while traveling.

Journey Planner

The app also features a handy journey planner that lets users quickly determine the most efficient route from Point A to Point B. It works by using your current location as a reference point and directing you toward your destination via the quickest way available – saving time, energy, and money in the process!

“Save a Route” Option

Another feature worth noting is the ‘Save a Route’ option, which allows users to easily save their most frequently traveled routes, making it easier to access them quickly and without any hassle. You can use it for your home, office, or any other location that you frequent regularly.

Train Frequency Indicator

Finally, the train frequency indicator is another helpful tool the SMRT App offers. This feature displays how frequently a specific route runs, helping you to avoid long wait times and plan your journey.

Link to Taxi Booking

Booking taxi using SMRT App

Using taxis instead of trains can be beneficial in certain instances. For example, if you need to reach your destination quickly and the wait time for a train is too long, it may be faster to take a taxi. Additionally, travelers unfamiliar with the public transportation system or the city can benefit from a cab as they provide door-to-door service and do not require transit transfers.

However, taxis in Singapore are known for being expensive, so it’s essential to plan and budget accordingly. Fortunately, SMRT App offers a convenient solution to this problem by providing users with access to taxi bookings. Users can compare fares between taxi companies through the app and book the most cost-effective option. Furthermore, the SMRT App also displays real-time wait times for nearby taxis, allowing users to decide whether to take a cab or wait for the next train.

Extra Features Beyond Commute

The SMRT App offers users more than just convenient transportation options. In addition to helping users plan their commutes, the app provides them with a wide range of additional features to make their lives easier.

For instance, the app includes a store locator feature that lets users quickly find shops and services near their current location. This can be particularly useful when exploring unfamiliar areas or looking for specific services, such as grocery stores or repair shops. The GPS-enabled app can provide users with real-time directions to any store or service they search for, making navigation simple and hassle-free.

Furthermore, the SMRT App integrates several loyalty programs that offer discounts and rewards for frequent travelers, such as free trips after accumulating specific points or discounts on tickets during peak hours. This allows business owners and tourists alike to benefit from exclusive offers while traveling in Singapore – making it worth downloading even beyond commute needs.

Final Thoughts

The SMRT App is an excellent tool for foreign business owners and tourists traveling in Singapore. It simplifies travel by providing users with up-to-date information on public transportation, fare costs, alternate routes, loyalty programs, and more. Travelers can save time, money, and energy by downloading the app, making their commutes easier! As such, it is highly recommended that anyone visiting or residing in Singapore take advantage of this app.

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