How To Improve the Exterior Looks of Your Commercial Office

An image of a commercial building
  • Investing in window displays and new signage and lighting can significantly improve the exterior of a commercial office. 
  • Installing a fresh coat of paint on walls, doors, and windows is an affordable way to make a building look attractive and protect it from the elements. 
  • Incorporating plants or flowers into the exterior adds visual interest and creates a welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Updating door handles and hardware can make a big difference in the overall look of the building. 
  • Providing seating outside allows customers to have a comfortable waiting experience. 

An attractive and inviting commercial office can do wonders for your business. It’s important to create a professional environment and make customers feel welcome. But if you’re unsure how to spruce up the exterior of your office, don’t worry—it’s easier than you think! With some simple improvements, you can transform the outside of your building into something special.

Invest in curb appeal.

Investing in curb appeal is one of the best ways to make a big impact. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Invest in window displays.

A window display in a store

Investing in well-crafted and eye-catching window displays can significantly improve the exterior appearance of your commercial office. Not only does it serve as a creative way to showcase your products or services, but it also captures the attention of passersby and attracts potential customers.

A well-designed window display can serve as a unique marketing tool that can draw in people from the street and entice them to explore what’s inside. To achieve a great window display, it’s vital to seek the expertise of professional commercial glass services.

These experts will help you determine the right design and build quality displays that are durable and visually appealing while keeping your budget in mind. With the right investment, your window displays can become a statement piece that enhances the overall look of your commercial office.

Install new signage and lighting.

Installing new signage and lighting can completely transform the exterior of your commercial office, giving it an eye-catching and professional look. Recognizing the importance of making a great first impression on potential clients and customers is vital. A well-lit and highlighted storefront can serve as an invitation to visitors that your company is modern, welcoming, and ultimately, one they can trust.

With the right tools and expertise, such as finding the best placement for your new signage, and choosing high-quality lighting, this upgrade can improve the look of your office and boost it in terms of visibility and recognition from passersby.

Paint the walls, doors, and windows.

An image of workers painting walls

In commercial offices, keeping the exterior well-maintained is crucial for making a positive impression on clients and visitors alike. A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to achieve this. But, painting walls, doors, and windows properly isn’t as simple as picking up a brush and going to town.

It requires careful preparation, including cleaning and sanding the surfaces, choosing the right type of paint, and using the correct techniques for each area to ensure a smooth and consistent finish. Not only does this improve the overall appearance of the building, but it also helps to protect against the elements and prolong the life of the materials.

Add plants or flowers for natural beauty.

Adding plants or flowers to the exterior of your commercial office can significantly improve its aesthetic appeal. The addition of natural beauty creates an inviting atmosphere and adds visual interest to an otherwise mundane exterior. While it may seem like a small detail, including greenery can make your building stand out and provide fresh air for your employees and clients.

Additionally, studies have shown that incorporating plants into workspaces can increase productivity and overall well-being. So, whether you have a small plot of land or just a few planters, integrating greenery into the exterior of your commercial building is a simple yet effective way to add charm and character to your space.

Update the door handles and other hardware.

Updating the door handles and other hardware is a crucial aspect of improving the exterior looks of a commercial office. This is because the first impression that potential customers and clients have of any business is based on the appearance of its building.

A subtle but significant change, such as updating hardware, can make a huge impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of the building. Ensuring that the hardware is properly installed, functional, and pleasing to the eye can create a positive first impression. Additionally, it conveys a sense of professionalism and attention to detail.

As an expert, it is recommended that business owners choose hardware that reflects their brand’s identity and matches the style of their building. Doing so will ensure that their property stands out amongst competitors and entice other potential clients to approach their business with confidence.

Place seating outside.

Properly placed seating outside of a commercial office improves the exterior appearance and is an important factor in the customer’s overall experience. The seating placement is crucial in creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for those waiting for their appointment.

Placing seating in a shaded area with a clear view of the entrance can enhance the experience of waiting without feeling isolated or lost. The use of comfortable and durable seating also ensures that all customers have an equal opportunity to enjoy a relaxing waiting experience.

In addition to improved exterior aesthetics, this simple addition can leave a lasting positive impression on customers and increase loyalty. As an expert, it is important to recognize the significance of properly placed seating and its impact on the overall success of a commercial office.

These are just some ways you can improve the exterior of your commercial office. Using these recommendations and seeking professional assistance, you can develop a unique and memorable creation that will impress customers and clients in the long run.

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