Turning Your Home into Prime Airbnb Real Estate: What to Do

  • Profitable AirBnB hosting requires depersonalizing spaces to appeal to a broad range of guests.
  • Addressing ‘tolerated flaws’ like loose handles or leaky faucets enhances the guest experience.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance improve guests’ comfort and property longevity.
  • Preparation and commitment are essential to successful AirBnB hosting for recurring income.

Taking advantage of the sharing economy by listing your home on Airbnb can be profitable. According to a 2020 report from AirDNA, a short-term rental analytics firm, the average annual revenue of an Airbnb host is around $13,800. However, this figure can significantly increase depending on location, property size, and amenities provided. In cities with high tourist demand, for example, hosts can earn more than $2,000 per month on average. Furthermore, an earnings estimator provided by Airbnb suggests that a home in New York listed for 15 nights a month can generate up to $3,200. Thus, transforming your home into an Airbnb property can open doors to impressive income opportunities.

However, turning your home into a prime vacation or rental spot will require much work and preparation. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Depersonalize Everything

Depersonalizing home for Airbnb

Homes usually reflect the homeowner’s personality, tastes, and experiences. They often contain family photos, personal collections, and unique decor pieces that may resonate with the homeowner but might not necessarily appeal to a broad range of visitors. The essence of an ideal Airbnb property is to create a universally appealing and comfortable space for guests, which often means depersonalizing the space.

Depersonalizing your property involves neutralizing the space, transforming it from a personal abode to a comfortable vacation spot for others. Start by removing personal items such as family photographs, religious symbols, or anything else that may be too personal. Replace these with more neutral decor, such as landscape photos or abstract art. Stick with neutral paint colors and maintain a minimalist, clean design that appeals to a broader range of tastes. This enables your guests to feel more at home during their stay, as they can easily project their personality onto the space, enhancing their overall experience.

Fix the Tolerated Flaws

Most homes, even those carefully maintained, often have minor “tolerated flaws” – issues or defects with which the homeowners have learned to live. These might be minor inconveniences or cosmetic quirks that don’t significantly impact the homeowner’s daily life but might be off-putting to guests. Addressing these defects is crucial when preparing your home for AirBnB guests. Here are a few common tolerated flaws that you should consider fixing:

Unfinished Garage Floor Coating

An unfinished or poorly finished garage floor coating can lead to a grimy, dusty, or slippery surface, which can be unappealing or even dangerous for your guests. An adequately coated and finished garage floor enhances your property’s aesthetics and improves safety conditions. You can get a professional garage floor coating service to upgrade the look of your garage and make it more guest-friendly.

Loose Door Handles and Cabinet Knobs

These might not be a significant issue for homeowners accustomed to handling them gently. Still, for guests unfamiliar with these quirks, they can be irritating and might even lead to damage. Ensuring all handles and knobs are securely fixed enhances the guest experience and helps protect your property.

Poorly Lit Spaces

While homeowners may be used to navigating their homes, guests unfamiliar with the layout might find poorly lit spaces challenging or unnerving. Replacing dim bulbs and adding extra lighting fixtures can improve visibility, making your home more welcoming.

Leaky Faucets

A dripping faucet might be a minor annoyance to a homeowner. Still, it can be a significant disturbance for guests, especially if the leaky faucet is in a bathroom adjacent to where they sleep. Fixing any leaks is an essential step in preparing your home for guests.

Of course, flaws might not always be visible, so consider having a professional inspect your home and do any necessary repairs to ensure it can handle the extra wear and tear that comes with Airbnb guests.

Routinely Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning routine for Airbnb property

Routine maintenance and cleaning are vital to maintaining the appeal and functionality of your AirBnB property. A clean home creates a favorable first impression and enhances guests’ overall experience, making them more inclined to leave positive reviews and recommend your property to others. Regular cleaning ensures that all areas, mainly frequently used ones, like the kitchen and bathrooms, are sanitary and pleasant for each new guest.

On the other hand, routine maintenance helps preserve the quality of your property and its amenities. Timely assessment and repair of any wear and tear or damage can significantly extend the lifespan of various elements of your home, such as appliances, furniture, and structural components. Additionally, regular maintenance can help you avoid sudden, costly repairs in the future and ensures a safe and comfortable stay for your guests.

Final Thoughts

AirBnB hosting can be an attractive income opportunity, but success requires careful preparation and commitment. By depersonalizing your space, fixing any tolerated flaws, and routinely cleaning and maintaining your home, you can create a comfortable and enjoyable AirBnB experience for your guests. This is key to ensuring that visitors leave positive reviews and return for future stays.

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