Trying Your Hand at Selling Sports Drinks: What You Need

An athlete drinking during activity
  • Sports drinks are essential for athletes, providing beneficial nutrients to maintain energy and performance levels.
  • Liquid manufacturers, FDA approval, accurate labeling, and legal regulations must be considered.
  • When starting a sports drink business, it is essential to identify potential partners and suppliers for bottling, transportation, marketing, and distribution.
  • Careful market analysis is necessary to differentiate the product from competitors and stand out in the marketplace. Professional help should be sought regarding marketing and advertising the products.

Sports drinks are essential for people who are involved in professional sports and other physical activities. Sports drinks provide beneficial nutrients that help athletes maintain their energy, perform better, and recover faster. Sports drinks can also improve hydration levels and reduce the risk of dehydration.

Studies have shown that sports drinks can help improve athletic performance when consumed before and during physical activity. A study published in Nutrition Journal showed that drinking sports drinks during long-distance running improved performance by up to 2%. Another study conducted with cyclists found that athletes who drank sports drinks while cycling could go 7% farther than those who did not.

It might suggest that starting a sports drink business can be profitable. However, there are many things to consider before opening a sports drink business.

Liquid Manufacturers

Manufacturing sports drink for customer

Finding a manufacturer to produce your sports drinks is the first step. Choosing the proper liquid manufacturer can help you create quality products and ensure customers have access to safe, reliable products.

Of course, you must handle the manufacturing process yourself if you decide to produce your sports drink in-house. You will need the right equipment and specialized knowledge to manufacture a safe, high-quality product.

FDA approval will be necessary if you manufacture your sports drinks. In addition, you will need to register your business and obtain a license to sell products in the United States.

It’s essential that all labels accurately reflect the ingredients and nutritional information for each product. Depending on where you plan to sell your sports drinks, labeling requirements may differ from country to country. Be sure to research and adhere to any applicable laws and regulations.

Analyze the Competitors

Like every other business, starting a sports drink business requires careful market analysis and research. As a first step, you will need to identify the main competitors in your area or region. You need to find out who is already selling sports drinks, what type of drinks they are offering, and at what prices. This will help you develop a unique approach to differentiate your product from theirs and make sure it stands out in the marketplace.

Here are a few competitors you might have to face when starting a sports drink business:

  • Large beverage manufacturers already have a strong presence in the market. These companies usually offer discounted prices and comprehensive product ranges, making competing hard.
  • Local businesses that specialize in distributing or selling sports drinks. Many of these local businesses may have long-standing relationships with customers.
  • Health stores and gyms often sell their own branded sports drinks. This type of competition may not be as intense as the others, but they still need to be considered when crafting your marketing strategy.

Identify the Partners to Secure

Partnership with bottling company

There will be plenty of other players involved in the sports drink business. You should be able to identify potential partners and suppliers to work with regularly. Here are a few of them:

Bottling Company

All liquid products require a package, which often comes in bottles. Reliable liquid-filling co-packers can help you with the bottling process. These companies provide packaging services at high volumes and low costs, ensuring your product looks and sells well.

Transportation Company

Sports drinks need to be transported from one place to another to reach customers. You’ll need a reliable shipping partner who can handle large orders quickly and securely. Choosing a company experienced in delivering food-grade products safely and on time is best.

Marketing Agency

Your sports drink business will need professional help when it comes to marketing and advertising your products. Working with an experienced company will give you access to creative talent, strategy planning, and more, effectively helping you get your message out there.


Grocery stores, convenience stores, and other retailers must be supplied with your products. Finding and working with the right distributors can help you get into major retail chains and increase your market reach.

Final Thoughts

Starting a sports drink business is exciting, but there’s more to it than just manufacturing it. Finding reliable partners and doing thorough research are two important things to consider when starting any new business, especially in the beverage industry. With careful planning and execution, your sports drink business can be successful.

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