What Do You Need to Resell Products in the Philippines


There has been a noticeable trend in the Philippines of people buying retail products overseas and reselling them online for a profit. It is especially apparent in clothing and accessories, as these items can be purchased at a fraction of the cost in the Philippines and sold for a profit.

There are several reasons for this trend:

  1. The cost of living in the Philippines is relatively high, so people are always looking for ways to save money.
  2. There is a huge demand for retail products in the country, mainly imported items considered more luxurious or fashionable.
  3. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines, making it easy for people to find and purchase products worldwide.

Interestingly, not everyone who engages in retail product reselling in the Philippines is doing it purely out of necessity. Many people see it as a legitimate business opportunity and are making a good income from it. Some people have even turned it into a full-time career.

So if you’re thinking of starting a retail product reselling business in the Philippines, here are some tips to help you get started.

Choose the Product Carefully

Retail product reselling in the Philippines can be a very profitable business venture, but sourcing your products is vital to maximizing your profits. You must choose products that are in high demand in the Philippines. There is a huge demand for retail products in the Philippines, mainly imported items considered more luxurious or fashionable. So focus on choosing products that fit into this category.

It would help if you also compared prices between different retailers online. It’s essential to get the best deal possible when sourcing your products, so compare prices between various retailers before making a purchase. Getting to know the supplier will also be necessary. It is so you can ensure product quality and avoid scams.

Do Your Research

Before starting your retail product reselling business in the Philippines, it’s essential to do your research and develop a good understanding of the market. It will help you determine what products are in demand and what prices you should be charging—understanding the shipping process and how to deliver your products to your customers promptly.

There are many ways to do your research, including reading online forums, talking to other resellers, and conducting market research yourself. Once you understand the market, choose a niche or focus on specific products that you think will be in high demand.

Create an Online Presence

In today’s digital age, it is essential to have an online presence if you want to succeed in business. It is especially true for retail product reselling firms in the Philippines. Customers need to be able to find you easily online and must be able to purchase your products with ease.

Creating an online presence begins with setting up a website or blog. You can use platforms like WordPress or Blogger to create a professional-looking website quickly and cheaply. Setting up social media accounts for your business on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is also essential. These will help you promote your products and reach a wider audience.

Finally, you need to choose an eCommerce platform to sell your products on. Shopee and Lazada are two of the most popular options in the Philippines. They are easy to use and allow customers to purchase your products directly from your website or social media accounts.

Make the Most Out of Video-Streaming Platforms

A blogger preparing for live video streaming

The Philippines is one of the most active countries regarding social media usage. Filipinos love watching videos on platforms like YouTube, so it makes sense to take advantage of this when promoting your products. As a result, doing live videos is becoming the trend for online shoppers.

Create engaging and informative videos about the products you’re selling, and include links to your website or eCommerce platform in the description box. You can also run ads on video-streaming platforms to reach a wider audience. You must ensure you utilize targeted ads properly, so they only show up to people who are likely interested in what you’re selling.

Utilize Courier Services

Courier services are an essential part of running a retail product reselling business in the Philippines. Customers expect to receive their products quickly, so it’s necessary to choose a reliable courier service to deliver your products on time.

LBC is the most popular courier service in the Philippines. It has an excellent reputation for reliability and offers reasonable rates. You can utilize its door-to-door delivery services in the Philippines to ensure your customers get the products assigned to them.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to starting a successful retail product reselling business in the Philippines. Just remember to source your products carefully, do your research, create an online presence, and make the most out of video-streaming platforms and courier services, and you’ll be sure to find success.

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