Business Ideas to Explore in the Renewable Energy Industry


As the effects of human activity on the planet reach their boiling point, there is an unquestionable need for all industries to leave fossil fuel behind in favor of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy is extracted from natural resources that are capable of replenishing themselves. Fossil fuels are extremely limited in quantity and release harmful greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere when consumed.

This is why there’s no better time to invest in renewable energy sources than now. The European Union knows this. Since 2009, the EU has subsidized green energy initiatives and businesses to bring cheap and efficient renewable energy sources to the public. As a result, the renewable energy sector in Europe is growing at an exponential rate, more so than any other energy source thus far. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this lucrative industry, here are some profitable business ideas for you to consider:

Solar Power Heating & Cooling Systems

Most areas in Europe experience cold winters and hot summers, which means that there will always be households in need of efficient heating and cooling systems. As the average cost of energy consumption continues to rise, people are also searching for ways to lower their energy bills. The solution to both of these issues is solar-powered heating and cooling systems, which offer up to 70% savings on monthly electricity bills. The business of selling these products and offering installation services is exceptionally lucrative since it’s not just private residences that need them — you’ll also find clients in the hotel, restaurant, and retail industries.

Bio-fuel Manufacturing

Bio-fuel is made from organic matter or waste. It’s a much cleaner and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Examples of this bio-fuel include green diesel, ethanol, and bio-diesel. There are plenty of uses for this substance in the transportation, energy generation, and even cooking sectors. Likewise, there are plenty of profitable business opportunities for you to explore in these areas.

Sustainable Transportation

electric car

Diesel-powered motor vehicles are not only harmful to the environment, but they’re also becoming more expensive to maintain and use daily. The most significant expense that vehicle owners shoulder also happens to be the least eco-friendly energy source: diesel fuel. Sustainable transportation such as bicycles, electric cars, and scooters is becoming the more prevalent and cost-effective option these days, making it a worthwhile market for you to enter.

Energy Auditing

Energy auditing involves examining energy use in commercial or residential buildings to identify what can be done to make more sustainable energy choices. Many areas in Europe now require mandatory energy audits in businesses and households, so business will be booming as there will always be people in need of an audit.

Green Consultancy

If you aren’t interested in the business of buying or selling green products or services, then you should consider a career in green consultancy instead. What you’ll be selling is your knowledge and expertise to clients who are looking to take advantage of renewable energy sources. This is the perfect business to start in a different country since it doesn’t require any capital and equipment. All you’ll need is insight, superior marketing skills, and excellent communication skills to succeed.

There are plenty of business opportunities to explore within the renewable energy industry. These are just a few to think about.

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