Boosting Business Appeal Through Proper Hygiene

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It is no secret that good hygiene is essential. It is one of the most basic foundations of healthy living. However, many business owners do not realize how proper hygiene impacts their professional lives. In a 2017 survey by P&G, 92% of consumers focus on cleanliness when deciding if they will become repeat customers. So, it’s high time business owners take a step back and assess their company’s hygiene standards.

There are many ways to ensure your business is hygienic and appealing to customers. Below are some areas to focus on:


Your employees are the reflection of your business. It will be a massive turnoff for customers if they are not well-groomed. So, ensure your employees take the necessary hygiene precautions. Simple practices such as showering regularly, wearing clean clothes, and washing their hands can make a significant difference.

If you have a sales and marketing team, it’s best to invest in improving their physical appearance. First impressions matter and potential clients will judge your company based on how your employees look.

According to a survey by Kelton Global for the AACD, over half of respondents (50%) felt that a smile is the most distinct aspect of someone’s appearance after first meeting them. So, a missing, chipped, or yellow tooth can hinder someone’s ability to make an inviting first impression.

Fortunately, many dental clinics offer replacement tooth options for a more natural and appealing look. There are many ways to achieve the perfect smile, from implants to veneers. And, with the help of a dental hygienist, your employees’ teeth can be as good as new in no time.


Your workplace should be clean and organized at all times. A cluttered and filthy office will only reflect poorly on your business. Customers will be hesitant to work with a company that cannot even keep its own space clean.

Be sure to declutter and deep clean your office regularly. Dust, vacuum, and disinfect all surfaces, from countertops to doorknobs. And don’t forget often-forgotten areas such as light fixtures and air vents.

It would be best if you also had a system for quickly dealing with spills and messes. No one wants to see a stained carpet or a coffee-stained table. Invest in good-quality cleaning products and paper towels, and ensure everyone knows where they are.

If you can’t seem to handle the cleaning on your own, there’s no shame in hiring a professional cleaning service. These people will have the necessary experience and equipment to do the job correctly. This way, you can focus on the important parts of your business while leaving the cleaning to the experts.

an employee in a manufacturing space wearing safety gear and equipment

Products and Services

The quality of your products and services is essential, but customers will also assess your business based on its hygiene.

To combat this, ensure your products are well-packaged and hygienic. If you’re selling physical items, ensure they are appropriately stored and free of contaminants. A clean and well-organized product arrangement will also give customers a better impression of your business. If your products are cluttered and dusty, it will reflect poorly on the quality of your items.

On the other hand, using protective tools such as gloves and masks is essential if you offer services. It will show customers that you care about their safety and well-being. Especially in recent times, with the COVID-19 pandemic, customers will be looking for businesses that take hygiene seriously.

Standard Operating Procedures

Your workflow and processes should be up to standard. Having a set of guidelines and policies in place will help ensure everything runs smoothly. For example, you could create a policy for how often different areas should get cleaned.

Having a protocol for dealing with unexpected accidents would also be beneficial. This way, you can ensure they are dealt with quickly and efficiently. You can start by stocking up on essential cleaning supplies, such as paper towels and disinfectants. Customers will appreciate knowing that your business has procedures in place to deal with these kinds of situations.

Regularly updating and reviewing your procedures is essential to ensure they are still relevant and practical. As your business grows and changes, so too should your policies. So, don’t forget to reassess them now and then.

Boosting your business appeal through proper hygiene is essential in today’s society. Suppose you want to attract and retain customers. In that case, you must ensure your employees, workplace, and products are clean and presentable. Luckily, there are many ways to achieve this. By following the tips above, you can create a hygienic environment that will positively impact your business.

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